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Wooden wall shelf with drawers Wooden wall shelf with drawers - Modern wall shelves, Wall shelves, also known as floating shelves, are called so because they're designed to look as though the objects they hold float in mid-air. They stick out fr...
Wooden Wall Shelf Wooden Wall Shelf - Modern wall shelves, Few aspects of home and office design say "classic" quite like a handsome set of high quality wooden shelves. Wood, in all it's various stains, styles and prope...
Wooden decorative wall shelf Wooden decorative wall shelf - Modern wall shelves, Impress your house guests with our collection of wood shelves. Choose from floating wood shelves and wood shelving with brackets. All the decorative wood shelve...

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How to Decorate a Dining Room How to Decorate a Dining Room The color red was traditionally thought to stimulate appetite which is why it was the color of choice in many formal dining room settings. Dining rooms were for...
A coffee table A coffee table With their many uses, coffee tables have become a staple of living room décor. They’ve become a home to a wide assortment of everyday items: magazines, coasters...
TV wall mount TV wall mount A Flat screen TV mounted on the wall is a pleasing sight. Along with better picture and sound quality a flat screen LCD or plasma TV also adds to the aesthetic ...


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Modern wall shelves

Modern wall shelves

Wall shelves are a perfect decorative accent and design solution for any blank wall, as well as a functional and helpful storage tool for organizing and displaying a wide range of home accessories throughout your home. What’s great about wall shelves, is that they can work in any room of the house, as well as any size and shape of room. Whether you are choosing custom wall shelves perfectly designed to fit your space, or opting for a self-contained wall cubby for your entryway, there are an infi... Modern wall shelves

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Magazine rack

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